I was forgotten, I was just banished by this life
I don´t know where to hide
Who would imagine, the end can be so uncompromised
Never know what it´s like

Bridge 1
But days won´t be grey, erased by consequences, or even rejected
Daaays will be great, one day I will show you, I will show you wonder

Ref. 1
Your world has pushed me aside
I´ll never feel that alone
I keep my spirit inside
it gives me power to fight and that´s why wonder´s mine

Wanna forgive you, wanna be friend with life again
Want it to understand
It´s not the right way, we should be loved for who we are
Don´t let me stand so far

Bridge 2
So I´m gonna pray, peaceful coexistence, who wanna taste it?
I´m gonna pay the price that you establish, let us cherish wonder

Ref. 2
Please world just let me inside
Don´t wanna walk on my own
Keep your hate for me outside
And I keep promise to love and share my wonder wide